Play Poker For Money

Play poker for money is an excellent guide to playing poker for money be it home games, online poker games or brick and mortar poker rooms.

This is my extremely long guide intended to help those of you wanting to play poker for real money. If you want to play poker for cash, this site aims to cover all aspects of playing poker for money. If you’re looking for a certain topic, use one of the links below to get there quickly.


Guide to Playing Poker for Real Money

Playing poker for real money is one of most popular things to do in the world right now. Every day, millions of people choose to play poker for real money online, at home, or at a local casino or card room.

Why Play Poker for Money?

People play poker for money for various reasons. Here are a few of the best reasons I could think of to play poker for real money.

  • Poker can make you money – The most obvious reason for playing poker for money is to make money. This is no easy task though. While new players may experience a surge of short-term luck, it takes a lot of study and experience to become good enough to make serious money at poker.
  • Poker is highly competitive – One of the biggest draws of poker for money is its competitive nature. There’s nothing more thrilling than trying to outplay an opponent or make a big bluff while staring your opponent in the eye.
  • Poker is good exercise for your brain – Becoming a winning poker player means you have to learn all the dynamics of the game, and thus exercise your brain constantly. Skills you’ll need include math for calculating odds, outs, and bet sizes and observation to read other poker players’ actions.
  • Poker can help you get your emotions in check – One unique aspect of poker is that it reveals the good and bad in us. If someone has an anger issue, it will surely show itself at the poker table. All good poker players (except Phil Hellmuth) try to keep emotions under control as much as possible. Losing control and getting emotional is called “tilt”. Tilt is probably the thing that loses players the most money in poker.
  • Poker is a social game – Poker at home and at casinos for money is a very social game. Most of the time home poker games are for entertainment more than for making money. Online poker is much less social, but still a lot of fun.

How to Play Poker for Money

Learning how to play poker for money depends a lot, on where you plan to play cards. Do you want to play poker for money online from the comfort of home? Do you plan to have friends over to the house to play home poker for money? Or are you going to a casino and want to learn how to play live casino poker for money?

Real Money Poker Games

Here are real money poker games that are among the most popular online, at the casino, and at home.

Make Money Playing Poker

Now that you’re playing poker online for money, it makes sense that you’d want to know how to make money playing poker online. For new players the easiest way to start making money at poker right away is by utilizing online poker bonuses.