How to Play Home Poker for Money

Another great way to play poker for money is at home with your friends and/or family. Home poker games are a great form of entertainment provided that your friends and family don’t take themselves too seriously or may get mad over losing a couple of dollars.

To play poker at home for money all you need is a deck of cards, a few players, maybe an adult beverage or two, and cash or poker chips. These days you can find decent quality chips at Wal-mart to get a home game started.

Some people have asked, “Is playing poker for money at home illegal”? I don’t know the laws where you are, but I believe most states with some sort of gaming commission probably say something about home games being illegal or some nonsense. I’ve also heard stories of laws that outlaw spitting in public, but how many people have gone to jail or received a citation for it?

I actually spoke to a state gaming officer about this issue when I wanted to do a charity poker tournament. He pretty much shot down every idea I had right away. So, I decided to ask him whether home games were legal or not. He said that there is a law saying games like Texas Hold’em can only be played at a licensed casino, BUT that they weren’t going to raid someone’s house for having a small poker game.

So as long as you’re not having a huge underground poker game for money, or doing something stupid like taking rake like casinos do, I think you can go ahead and play. Of course I am not a lawyer, and you should consult your local laws.