Play Omaha Poker for Money

Omaha poker is played just like Texas Hold’em with one major difference. Instead of getting two cards face down, you get four cards face down. That might sound like a more fun and easier game than Hold’em, but there’s one rule that complicates the game of Omaha. Players have to use exactly two cards and can only use two cards. For example, if you have the Ace of spades (with no other spade in your hand) and there are four spades on the board, you do not have a flush. If you are dealt AAAA, you should fold. You do not have four of a kind, since you can only use two cards; you only have a pair of aces. The cool thing is that the cards you use may change dramatically throughout the hand. On the flop, you may have two pair, on the turn, you get a flush, and on the river, you make a full house. That aspect makes Omaha an exciting, yet frustrating real money poker game.

If you’re new to poker for money, I would suggest holding off on Omaha poker. I made the mistake of trying Pot Limit Omaha when I was new and lost a couple of hundred dollars fast. Also, if you were having a home poker game for real money, I wouldn’t play Omaha unless you have a savvy group that already knows Hold’em extremely well.

Play Omaha Poker Online for Money